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Blueberry Diesel



Up to 21-23% THC


Flavours: Blueberry, Diesel, Sweet

Effects: Uplifted, Happy, Euphoric, Creative, Relaxed

Medical Benefits: Depression, Pain, Lack of Appetite, Inflammation, Cramps



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Blueberry Diesel online . Buy Blueberry Diesel weed is a cross of two favorite strains, Blueberry and Sour Diesel. It is probably best known for its strong blueberry smell with hints of fuel from its Diesel lineageBlueberry also overwhelms the flavor of these sticky flowers, which should have plenty of trichomes and long orange hairs. Effects tend to be happy and relaxing but not too overwhelming, making this a popular choice for many kinds of patients. The effects are deeply relaxing, with a healthy boost of euphoria. Blueberry Diesel is perfect for moments when creativity  needs, and it makes for a lovely daytime choice. Patients suffering from anxiety and depression would benefit from this strain, as would people with chronic pain and nausea. It’s also an effective appetite enhancer for those with wasting conditions. As with most strains, the most likely adverse effect is dry mouth, though red eyes are also possible.

Blueberry Diesel For Sale

The results of Blueberry Diesel are mellow and pleasant. It gives a completely easy and calm high. Slightly Indica-dominant, that is extremely good for folks that want a bit sedation for the duration of the daytime. Its simply sufficient to make you experience at ease, however now no longer a lot to depart you locked at the couch.

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